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Ugh, everything in my whole life... like the COYA raising more questions than answers [there are four options for visiting the mortuary - are you late? are you earlier? playing hunt the report? demonstrating your lock picking skills?] and it is... turning into something, I just don't know what. Hell, it could end up being some kind of dS episode generator. What are the endings doing? What are the options? Select candidate A, B or C to take to the 2-7 and grill them? Pick the wrong suspect and get a "na! na! it wasn't me!" which cuts the replay value to nil? Come up with different culprits with different combinations of detection event?

There are three different streams at the get-go - 3 ways to get to the Precinct which do divide you into three [I don't have words] plot trees / plot floats?

Give you the same basic scenario - the victim, the reports, the suspects (or most of) and some of the interviews (but your interpretation could be very different)

Give you different quirks
[Plot 1 is yet to develop its own quirk beyond stealing a motorbike]
[Plot 3 is for the Episodic fans - extremely weird]
[Plot 2 is more crime / whodunnit/ procedural - closed to a real dS episode]
Tags: analyse this, angst, coya, fanfiction babble

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