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due South era web browsers

"Mosaic and browsers derived from it had a user option to automatically display images inline or to show an icon for opening in external programs. Marc Andreessen, who was the leader of the Mosaic team at NCSA, quit to form a company that would later be known as Netscape Communications Corporation. Netscape released its flagship Navigator product in October 1994, and it took off the next year"

Let's work out some web-directory / fan listings -- I want to find a purity test. [or at least, Frannie wants one to give to Fraser so he can use it on the Crazed Fan]

Okay, here is Frannie's time-waster (besides solitaire). She is a MASSIVE Annalise Treason fan. Who is Annalise Treason? The world-wide bestselling author of "the Blood Crucible" and "the Blood Thurible". Here are two fun facts about Annalise Treason:-
1) She is fictional
2) She is very very dead
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