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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

COYA update

COYA update

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hugh house
It's all about timing

Also, the people you meet in the 27th Precinct vary according to their shift patterns.

So you may or may not get the information you seek and some of these change contexts for the bloody interviews etc (if you know something, you can ask questions about it). Oh and your transport choice is IMPORTANT but I will try to make it possible for all transportation options to have a possible "good outcome" - I don't want to make any cheap "you made the wrong option at the start so you could never win" from the get-go" endings. Dosk says the trick is to write the options that work and then add the others.

Now I am going to timetable everyone and add some puzzles.
  • *cheers you on*
    • I'm still working on my flow charts [seriously, a good idea] and I wrote a box especially for you:

      also, all the dirt and
      read his blurb
      no, ride, this is not
      a slash reference

      okay, that doesn't make much sense does it? The blurb is not very positive. A writer with a grudge and a dead Canadian author...
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