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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

*sings* I've got a plot hole Ner Ner Ne Ner Ner It's rather big.…

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dief and donuts COYA

I've got a plot hole
Ner Ner Ne Ner Ner

It's rather big. Oh, Bugger. How the heck did she do it?

If I change it - I'll lose most of what I've written :-( and the entire context for plot 3 :-(

[I didn't even have a plot set up for plot 1]

Edited for getting my (un)smiley face right.
  • To quote one of Fraser's favorite sayings: "Oh dear".


    Edited at 2017-11-04 01:47 am (UTC)
    • Gone Back To The Start

      [sorry capitalisation is my flow charts]
      [I had really pretty flow charts in the COYA]

      Trying out the Due South Episode Simulator
      [which has the bonus of not being written in the second person, so you can control anybody when I let you]
      • Due South Episode Simulator?
        • The alternative to the COYA.

          The narrator is third person omniscient and the past tense is used throughout. It's sodding easier to write and there should be less choices throughout since it is written scene by scene the choices are easier to manage.

          That explanation does not help.

          The DSES is something I ran into when trying to figure out the COYA. The DSES (unlike the COYA) is written in scene like chunks [currently, I have - Ray Starts His Morning - the 27th Precinct - Ray at the Consulate] and doesn't (hopefully) have the huge net of variables that COYA had.

          You have not seen my COYA flow charts - they are amazing and have timelines and "what do you know" notes after each big decission. What order you do things changes the order of subsequent actions and that influences what you get out of them:
          * go to the car pool early and you get chatty Marni
          * go to the car pool later and you get Velma who isn't nice and wants to waste as much of your time as possible.
          Did I say that this is complicated? Whole chunks of events run the same way -
          *go to the mortuary early and Mort hasn't started the PM
          *go before noon and Mort will have just finished the PM or has a clearish opinion
          *go after noon and find out that Mort is taking a long lunchbreak
          *none of the above, but phone Frannie later and see if she's got it.
          I overthink these things which is why I have the sodding plothole - how does skinny little bookowner get into the hotel, spoof the cctv and strangle a much older woman? Answers on a postcard, please.

          So the DSES is a lot easier to write (I hope) because it eliminates a goodly chunk of the variables.

          Where should Fraser take Ray?
          a) his office, which is unusually cold
          b) the pantry, which is surprisingly expansive

          This forms nice manageble scenes - it still has some early plot prongs and some of them are frankly absurd in that special due South way.
          So, you have a secret room with a mega computer in it? Great, why haven't you told me before, guys?

          And the big prongs all turn into seperate potential episodes with their own context. Uh... did you ever see, "the canadian candidate" or "do not donut"? I can't believe you didn't see "do not donut" it's a classic episode. You know, it's the one with Thatcher and the drugged donuts.

          • *izz baffled* "The Canadian Candidate" and "Do Not Donut" are episodes? Or are they fic? I haven't heard of them and I'm wondering if that was meant as a humorous comment...sometimes it's hard to tell in a printed comment.

            Edited to add: Upon reflection I realize you mean episodes here.

            Edited at 2017-11-05 02:39 pm (UTC)
            • Sorry.

              I have a range of options and they are all organised (I hope) like episodes and I think a couple of them will come out sounding enough like canon to live up to the Simulator part of the name.

              [Maybe I should go for Emulator, it's closer to what it does]

              Maybe Paul and the team wrote another Buck episode but Leslie didn't have a gap in his schedule. If Bob Fraser's office opens into Fraser's, where could the "outhouse" door open into but Buck's bathroom?

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