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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Due South Episode Simulator [ a relation of the CYOA but easier on my brain ]

Due South Episode Simulator [ a relation of the CYOA but easier on my brain ]

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fraser: cartoon
To say the Due South Episode Simulator is working better than the COYA is an understatement.

The DSES has nice clear defined scenes which you select through some nifty little leading questions:

What it means is that Fraser leads Ray out of the office and into another room, please select a room:

a) Fraser’s surprisingly cold office
b) The Consulate’s surprisingly roomy pantry
c) The Queen’s Bedroom

There are [currently] six different "episodes" to select based on your choices. You control them scene to scene (or in multi-scene chunks) and you produce your own episode where you can rescue the "Mountie Historical Relic" or fail and get rescued / lost / yelled at etc. It is probably not a surprise but option a (above) gets you into:

The Chronicles Of Canada
by you and buzzylittleb

It works on the basis that less variables makes for a happier buzzy!brain rather than writing an Agatha-Christie-ish real-time adventure / detective story / text adventure

It also produces a pleasingly silly writing style (YAY!) with such delights as Thatcher and the Drugged Donuts and Turnbull's Identity Check.
  • Is the Simulator itself a thing of your creation or a pre-existing device that you are now using?
    • Purely my own creation. I might re-name it though, I've only tried the name on my brother

      [who is a fan of "retro gaming" and I read his magazines. In the 1980s somebody realised they could sell at lot more copies of your game if you append "simulator" on it and there were some extremely strange results]

      The idea is more that you control the direction of the script rather than
      the decisions of a character [the ever-annoying "you" part of a COYA and a complete bind to write*] . It's more like a... I don't know what it is more like, actually. :-|

      It's more like a plot meeting, I think, you tell me what to write and I write it and ask what you want written next.

      "You know what would be really cool... the bad guys went through the closet"
      "Okay, I'll write that, what do the boys do next?"
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