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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Gosh, I'm tired. I've just come back from "work" and that included…

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nightcrawler: sleeping
Gosh, I'm tired.

I've just come back from "work" and that included explaining powerpoint to ONL without the computer on. [fun, huh?] Also doing a lot of "mothballing" work to get the museum winter-ready. ONL's weird tourist attraction ideas are back on the table [the giant fibreglass 21' statue that will bring the world beating a path to our door] but there seems to be a new trustee who may not be as tolerant of ONL as his predecessors. I think ONL's political ambitions have gone and bit ONL on the bum.

Dosk has broken his foot. Congratulations.

Don't ask re: writing. I should really wait and see if I have something that works before I tell people about it.
  • Ouch for Dosk's foot.

    Hope you can get some rest after the wearisome day.
    • Trying to remove masking tape from the floor (we do some craft stuff with the kids) and finding it is really good and sticky and sticking to the brush, the dustpan, yours truly.

      Dosk says thank you for the ouch. He's icing it on nurse's orders and because he hurt his back in the fall, he's got heating on it. So my brother is currently an epic contradition.

      EDIT: I forgot to ask my question. Is "hookey" weird? There's something out with the case and Mort doesn't know what (yet)

      Edited at 2017-11-10 02:45 pm (UTC)
      • Do you perhaps mean to ask about "hokey" with one "o"? I have never encountered the word "hookey" so I tried to find a dictionary definition just now but couldn't find any listing for this word.
        • I don't know, that's why I asked you. ;-) Word turned it into hooky - I'd originally typed hookey. There is something not right about the scene - it's been staged with the body moved into a more dramatic (and deja vu-ish) position. Welsh is talking to Ray and Fraser about the murder. He's telling them that there is something weird / not quite right / disturbing about the murder [and it is fucking up Mort's time of death calculations]

          [I've decided to write a whole story version of the thing and then pull it into pieces for the coya element]
          • Well, "hookey" isn't a word and "hooky" means to "to be absent from school or work without a valid excuse". "Hokey" is usually used to mean "sentimental or mawkish," but sometimes used to mean "contrived or suspicious," so you could say that "something about the scene looked hokey".

            (BTW, you switched back to COYA instead of CYOA again. Your brain seems very determined about that.)
            • I'll have to find another word. Or at least a word for Welsh to tell the boys about Mort's on-the-scene examination [he drives near the hotel so he stopped in to look at the dead woman] - he is not exactly a happy Mort (accidently or not, the murderer has screwed up every easy on-site test). air conditioning at "canadian artic level" [thanks Ray] fucks up the body cooling rate and lividity and rigor. Mort is going to be a busy bunny.

              (my brain is not the best in the world - it is currently however trying to channel a character who doesn't have terribly much screen time into a setting he's never seen in)
  • A thought: he was at the scene mostly because he was driving to work along the road and picked up a call. Thinkies: Mort is not an outside person (well, we've never seen him outside and he's probably the kind of guy the cops take the body to - I read too much forensics stuff - so yay semi plausible stuff) so he hasn't got the traditional csi kit and if he is walking around a crime scene , nobody wants his mucky boots on the floor. Solution: those weird shower caps you get in hotels - I bet housekeeping is already moving. [I'm not going to write him getting them but they make a nice incedental]

    Also: the two main arms are transport/no transport. [somebody keyed the GTO and the ducks are on the case] If the guys have to track down a pool car, they will be later to the scene so Mort and the body will have already moved to the morgue, so you see him post post-mortem and then he can give you some more information some of which is rather important. On the down side, you don't get to see the witnesses before they've communicated with each other / uniformed officers have already asked questions, possibly ham-fisted-ly.

    Are you beginning to see where/why/how POET imploded? Imagine doing that with four different point of view characters with flashbacks / flashforwards and a lot of psychological motivation type stuff. 60,000 words and I barely got to "the first time" and provided everyone with a workable career (it was a stupidly large AU with almost everybody).
  • p.s. a ballpoint pen is not a biro, right?
    • A Biro is a ballpoint pen, but not all ballpoint pens are Biros. "Biro" is the proprietary name of a specific type of ballpoint pen created by a man whose last name was Biro. (Is that helpful?)
      • Here, biro is a generic name for a ballpoint pen regardless of who made it.

        I wouldn't worry about it because I'm not sure what is going to happen with it, I just thought it would make a nice pointer for mort (he's on the scene and hasn't been allowed to touch the body yet)

        eta: the things you can wear in the shower to stop your head getting wet? Hotels have naff freebie ones.

        Edited at 2017-11-11 09:58 pm (UTC)
    • Well, Fraser might say "biro" because of the British influence on Canada, but NO Chicagoan would use it as a generic word for ballpoint pen.
    • I ♡ getting those as freebies in the hotels (and I get a lot of them, staying in hotels for 4 or 5 fancons a year). Here we call them "shower caps".
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