little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Gosh, I'm tired.

I've just come back from "work" and that included explaining powerpoint to ONL without the computer on. [fun, huh?] Also doing a lot of "mothballing" work to get the museum winter-ready. ONL's weird tourist attraction ideas are back on the table [the giant fibreglass 21' statue that will bring the world beating a path to our door] but there seems to be a new trustee who may not be as tolerant of ONL as his predecessors. I think ONL's political ambitions have gone and bit ONL on the bum.

Dosk has broken his foot. Congratulations.

Don't ask re: writing. I should really wait and see if I have something that works before I tell people about it.
Tags: archaeology on mars, dosk rocks, my brother, the wonderful world of volunteering

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