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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

My excuse with this is that it is probably a little too tangental (sp?)

My excuse with this is that it is probably a little too tangental (sp?)

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dief and donuts COYA
Mort, as always, paid more attention to the dead than he ever did the living – while some pathologists talk to their patients, Mort was probably alone in singing to them. Ray hoped that he never ended up on Mort’s slab, besides the obvious, he really did not like opera and could never understand the plots when it had proved inescapable. Fraser said the plots don’t really matter – as long as you know who is in love with whom and whoever is running around killing people or being dramatic. Ray said that what he’d said pretty much covers the plot. They’d argued about that and decided that if Fraser should ever acquire tickets from the Inspector, Ray would stay home and Fraser take Mort instead. It seems that Fraser really had just done that.

Chances are some of that is going to get cut down. I might as well store it here for later (when I regret it) since it would probably get lost in the sticky morass of my hard drive.

also, it is not really cyoa-suitable [but then most of this isn't - I'm writing a "proper" fic and then versioning the plot into a coya.
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