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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

yay Fraser!

yay Fraser!

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dief and donuts COYA
Welsh: He can take notes, can't he?

Fraser: Ah, well, yes sir. In two official languages, three forms of shorthand, Cantonese, Inuktitut, . . .

This was strangely significant in the early versions of the COYA. I couldn't make the short hand puzzle fit in with the narrative. It is, however, rather nice to have a reference to Fraser's grandmother.

ETA: I can account for two shorthands - pitman and gregg. I wonder what lucky number three is.
  • The three most common forms of shorthand are Pitman, Gregg, and Teeline. Teeline -- which was developed in the late 1960s -- is in fact possibly the most popular nowadays -- it is definitely the one used most in the media industry nowadays.
    • I think pitman would be pretty much exclusive here. There is a pitman secretarial college in town, above a job agency.
      • Wow, I did not know there are entire colleges named after the writing system.
        • Agh! I should have caught that on the American/British misunderstanding thing.

          What you guys call college is what we call university
          What we call college is one of the places where you can go after leaving school at 16. [graduation?]

          Basically, though, there are colleges for anything that isn't a university and that includes secretarial, technical, teacher training...

          Basically if it is not a school or an university, it is a college - it teaches stuff that may or may not be useful or interesting. This includes a secretarial school that lives over an employment agency. It now calls itself a "Pitman Training Centre" and teaches all sorts of stuff that is probably useful and probably includes typing, which is all I know about it.

          My boss would probably be glad if I learnt to type properly but only because then I could do more pointless jobs.

          • "Two countries divided by a common language!"

            * ironic laugh for that last sentence about "typing properly" *
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