little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

Quentin Quire, how can I love you more!

I need to make more Quentin icons. *grin*

I've just read "The Mighty Thor: the Asgard / Shi'ar War" trade paperback and surprisingly, Quentin didn't quite steal the show. He has, however, got to do one of his favourite things: annoy the hell out of everyone [uhm, two gods and a civilisation] with a little help from his friends [okay, technically, one of his guys is a friend from school, one of the is a sentient landmass and the third one just "friendzone"-ed him again but at least said it would like to see him again - Quentin's pretty good with that, when it comes to being Dark Phoenix, every little bit helps.
Tags: footnotes longer than post, i can kill you with my mind, quentin quire, x-men

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