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The not-exactly-cyoa seems to be going places. I'm writing my first ever witness interview.

Problem: interviews are dialogue-heavy so there is a lot of "Ray said this/ Jose said that" to it all. I blame all of this on my year seven* english teacher. We had a creative writing class that was themed "find a better word than said."

ETA: now I am looking for Inuit hallucingens.

ETA v2:

Fraser: Ah. Secrecy. That's very wise. You know, it reminds me of a time I spent near Skull Rapids. I was holed up in the carcass of a caribou for almost seventy-two hours, and you know, to this day I have no idea who we were actually waiting for. But I can tell you that after seventy-two hours, the smell of a caribou carcass... is almost hallucinogenic.
Ray: Are you unhinged?
Fraser: Not that I'm aware of.

I spend a lot of time over at dS transcripts here:

Special thanks Anna for re-uploading and hosting these wonderful things!

ctrl + F are my friends - they bring up "search document" in an awful lot of programs

*7th grade I think.
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