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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

*hack* *hack* *hack* I don't think I am going anywhere this week.…

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dief: Dief cry
*hack* *hack* *hack*

I don't think I am going anywhere this week. The Knit and Natter is loaded with ladies in their 70s and there is no way I am taking this thing to "work" and giving this to Elvis.


On the CYOA front: pish! pash! posh! I'm doing what I always do which is re-draft and re-draft and get everything meatier and meatier than it has any right to be.

I had Jose the Food Delivery Guy finish his interview in a short-ish 2000 words of less.

I'm now on the fourth version of Marie Santos who has this time around, acquired a name, a background and a problem with discriminatory management. [she has a large birthmark but is otherwise of indeterminate race] she also doesn't like violin recitals
  • I hope you feel better. It seems to be the season of colds.
  • She doesn't like violin recitals! What details!
    • The Sarriott Hotel are not known for their caring attitude their staff. Everybody is scared of Management and the result is standoffish witnesses who don't want to get the boot.

      Marie has also been on permanent night-shift ever since Sarriott bought the hotel. She has a large birthmark and therefore doesn't fit their image.

      But do I write that or something bouncier? Everything is everywhere right now and I have so many word files lurking around the place things are getting crowded

      To put it one way: it's heading towards what killed Poet. And I don't want to write another poet.

      Edited at 2017-11-28 05:08 pm (UTC)
      • OMG your Baby Diefenbaker Cries icon! I just want to snuggle it and soothe it!

        For all your consternation about how things went with Poet, yet I have seen it recced.

        Sarriott Hotel ? Is that a deliberate play on Marriott?
        • You may well have seen Episodic recced but POET has never been seen by anyone who isn't me*.

          POET was an insanely large and complex AU with a lot of world building:

          [I can't quite tell you what Vecchio had for breakfast... but it's pretty close]

          If you have read Wonderboys by Michael Chabon [the movie is quite good, I am told] then I had the same problem as the narrator. So much background that the foreground... it was really amazing and enormous...

          ...the best way to describe it -- It was like the first time you ever when into a planetarium and saw all the stars move above you.

          After I stopped writing it - I still had all the plot notes stuck to my bulletin board in my room for another 5 years or so and now they live in two box files and... there was a lot of it and I alphabetised my drafts as I worked - I think I got to T. That would have been around 20 -25% of the thing and I think it word-counted at ~60k

          I had made a guess at an address for a medium/high standard hotel [where a top-selling author might hole up] and then decided that I really needed a specific "where" for the boys to drive to.


          I went looking for mid-range hotels in Chicago. I made a complete guess where and then I went and looked them up and somehow got the right street and about the right number building. Guess what? It was a Marriott.

          I'm now seriously thinking to dump the name.

          [it is not flattering to say the least and I am sure they have much better relationships with their workforce. There is the possibility that somebody could conflate the two and cause a lot of trouble]

          *[actually, I might have tried out some of the earliest versions - I got good feedback on my Zuko but Stella was a wet blanket]

          Edited at 2017-11-28 08:46 pm (UTC)
          • Yes, I have seen Episodic recced, and I am not confusing it with Poet. What I saw about Poet was a list of dS AU's that said:

            On the inside, I'm a poet by Little-b (buzzylittleb)
            Kowalski/Turnbull, NC-17, ~16000 words (so far), AU, first time, angst. Written for the dS Seekrit Santa 2007. Author's summary: A Kowalski/Turnbull Singer/Songwriter AU. Ray's record company closes in mysterious circumstances and the new company wants him to work with a top songwriter.
      • wuh?

        [okay, can i just say that i might vaguely think... when was it?

        [please remember i have been up to the nose with weird drugs before and since then.


        [yuppers - shadowkitty (who was a rl bfnf [best friend not-quite forever = no body still knows where post graduation) beta'd it and told me stella was teh suck --
        • So, does that mean you started writing Poet for that year's dSSS but you never posted the parts that you got written?

          Also: "BFNF"...that's very handy...I have some of those but didn't have an abbreviation for them.
          • a) yes [very much so - this was such a bad idea]

            b) yes [most of the posted stuff got re-written and extra scenes inserted - lots of extra scenes. The original Turnbull was a wet blanket. You can't survive being in the aggressive world of commercial hit writing if you are a wet blanket. He has an "agency" but that is a checking account and a space in the back office at the record label "white wolf" which specialises in publishing First Nation bands, signers, throat singers... you can see where that's heading

            ETA: for not making bloody sense.

            TLDR: Turnbull got a serious make-over and is a hell of a lot more hedonistic either/or easy. I fell a little in love with him. I gave Stella some background and some serious "omph"

            ETA: grammar-related paranoia

            Edited at 2017-12-01 10:19 am (UTC)
      •  0 m5v}+.}jMR]A,S\ZZb5(d&=z?+d

        you totally get a second reply today, I am feeling cold, snotty and hat obsessed [two of this list are not my natural state].

        So, I was aiming for something... uhm... between/roundabout/fuckknowskellie matthews / bone + aristide

        or more like Strange Loops [I don't know if you've ever had access to Strange Loops - it was another unfinished au - an actually famous au

        okay, I've never really thought about this right now but, yes, Poet [On My Inside I'M A Poet] is closer to Strange Loops.

        It's the difference between "oooh fraser and ray as hockey players, just like fraser and ray but hockey players" and "what happens if we change the world around ray and fraser?"

        start with some seed [characters? *] :

        * ray is a pro-but-broke guitar guy whose new manager has hooked up with a songwriter he doesn't want
        * turnbull is a songwriter, from Canada, sent to turn Ray's career around

        and a seed situation:
        the new manager is a mobster and doesn't like it when his clients don't do what he wants them to

        and a seed result:
        ray and turnbull fall in love and have sex together

        [* I'm not sure that I even have words for this inside my brain.

        Edited at 2017-11-30 06:30 pm (UTC)
        •  0W*o~F\n Y}B+(Ha-iV4ػE Q[-+nicb{sUd

          what world are the seeds from? what is it like to make this grow?

          [the soil/plant/seed metaphor isn't working]

          how did we get singer!Ray and songwriter!Turnbull?

          why did we get to that situation? what made the Poet world diverge from "our" world where it is detective!Ray and mountie!Turnbull.

          There are [as if I've ever tried to work this out - I think about these things way too much] two ways to do this

          *did Ray and Turnbull just make different lifestyle choices - did Ray not go to the bank, did Turnbull go to the mountie recruitment event? The world otherwise, works just as it did - there is a mountie out there with a wolf, but it just has nothing to do with the story. If you're feeling smart you can add something like
          Ray looked out of the cafe window, at the man dressed in red chasing a dog, then went back to his coffee and said "Man, it's cold out there, that dog's even wearing a fur coat."

          * or did the world change and that in turn produces that Turnbull and that Ray?

          Why in this universe did Turnbull not become a mountie?

          Because in this reality Muldoon was being chased by a different mountie, a partnership Constables Frobisher and Turnbull, and so, Caroline Fraser was never shot. Turnbull snr was the person who died that day... and Turnbull became an orphan... and this changes the shape of the world around them, as a result of this a whole world has changed...

          Turnbull didn't become a songwriter because he decided not to be a mountie...

          Turnbull became a songwriter... because we have created the world that generated him...

          [this is where I fucked everything up - I am that logical]

          What happens to Turnbull?

          Do the Fraser family take him in as one of their own? Thankfully, no. How could anybody in any reality would come up with such as fucked up idea?

          In this universe Bob and Buck never talk again.

          Turnbull needs a steady home, in a loving family with brothers and sisters... the Smithbauers take him in and they play guitar and do ice hockey... and Turnbull develops an awful crush on his brother, Mark's boyfriend...

          Edited at 2017-11-30 07:14 pm (UTC)
          • Re: this is going to one of those mega long comments in lots of bits when i run out of letters strok

            Now, there has to be an equal difference to make Ray into musician!Ray and I can't remember what it is...

            Okay, follow me on this one. Ray Kowalski is one determined kid and when the girl he worshipped but barely noticed him beyond a time when they bumped into each other in a bank and then both bumped into a bank robber and Ray's pretty much sure that somehow she doesn't remember...

            Stella goes to college (Harvard, I think). Ray goes to Harvard and studies how to fix cars and hanging around really skeevy people and being a grease monkey and then...

            he learns guitar... punk star boyfriend from the wrong end of town, Stella? or Stay on at Harvard and finish that law degree and marry somebody appropriate and have corporate babies, Stella?

            Stella chose the wrong option. Punk star boyfriend didn't have her kind of drive, he wanted be where he has always been because that's the person he fucking is and... stella, you don't get it, i'm being me...

            ...perhaps, I should be myself

            [and stop enabling ray's career self destruct by walking out as his manager - when he complained, she booked him three freaking weeks at borders churning out Springsteen james last style - and hook him up with a decent manager who will actually save ray's life but he just doesn't know that yet.] <-- stella really screwed up on the last one

            So, where did Stella leave Ray for? - life option two, the sensible one but her mother [who was insufferable before Stella ran off to fuck a punk and find out he was a virgin who was saving himself for you, yes, _you_ Stella] throws men at her at another society party, she finds the only sane guy at the party

            ...who is the guy playing the piano...

            add another life as made in another world...


            POET eventually tipped over because I was trying to avoid the actual original plot [K + T fuck] because everything else was so amazing and beautiful and hell, every character was like its own star system... the only problem, Ray doesn't have a _story_ he's not there in his... because I couldn't even think my way into Ray's head.. I'd spent so much time trying and...

            I think I could keep adding words to this all night...

            •  0W*o~F\n Y}B+(Ha-iV4ػE Q[-+nicb{sUd

              All of the above misses the point,

              there is a plot and all of that belongs in the plot and it all interconnects in some amazing and interesting ways.


              Ray > Turnbull > Stella > Ray

              [that doesn't make sense]

              Ray is an acoustic guitar playing punk poet who has no drive


              Turnbull is a songwriter who doesn't have a sense of self


              has been put in place by, Zuko who is a psychopath


              was introduced by Stella who made a terrible mistake


              Ray Vecchio knows they need to run like fuck

              2nd ETA

              each of the characters has somewhere personal to go to

              [I will _not_ use the word "journey" on the grounds of a) being a horrible cliché and b) wrong)

              Ray doesn't know he's gay and doesn't know he's straight because he has never perceived himself as _having_ a sexuality - he has always been Stella-sexual. He has never loved anyone but Stella, he has never obsessed anyone but Stella, he has never made love with anyone but Stella...

              Turnbull needs to realise that teenage fantasies are one thing: teenage. He needs to stop fantasising about his brother's boyfriend. It's really kept him from having fun [actually, that's not true, Turnbull has a lot of fun pretty much a lot of the time] and connecting with people

              Stella needs to let go of her Kowalski-shaped guilt and run into a new life... and that doesn't have to even be the lawyer life she had always been told she wanted.

              Vecchio realises that he can't protect everyone and most of them can protect themselves fine and he should take up the life he has always wanted to live but wouldn't let himself have because of an overwhelming sense of duty and responsibility after the death of his father.

              Zuko just needs to be dead. AND HE IS!

              Edited at 2017-11-30 08:37 pm (UTC)
        • Re: this is going to one of those mega long comments in lots of bits when i run out of letters strok

          Will read the long mega comments tomorrow. Now tonight have to get off the laptop and go pick up my SO from work.

          Strange Loops, yeah I know AuKestrel's Strange Loops and everything else she has written. She beta'ed my dS F/K novel that's about to be zined, I'm the beta on her priest!Fraser F/K WIP, and sometimes we hang out together IRL.
          •  0W*o~F\n Y}B+(Ha-iV4ػE Q[-+nicb{sUd

            I got into rambling mode.

            Plus the i-never-explained-about-this-to anyone-who-does-not-share-fifty-percent-of-my-dna mode.


            My first reaction to your comment was "wuh"
            and my second reaction was "wuh"

            [the third reaction was "i hate shift+key punctuation"]

            I thought Strange Loops would be something baby dS people know of but can't find... don't ask me why I came to this conclusion.

            [the third reaction "was i hate shift+key punctuation"]
            [dosk wants to design and make his perfect keyboard which would work ergonomically for everyone] <-- he is not kidding

            today is going to be cross-stitching day [yesterday was posing for selfies modelling silly hats day] failing that, giving everyone my virus day [hope not we have two depressed immune systems living here] but currently it is write mini biographies for witnesses working in the hotel [in which our victim has just dropped dead]

            Edited at 2017-12-01 09:51 am (UTC)
      • I think the reply thread thing got et.

        Alternatively, I pressed the wrong reply link.

        I am going to ramble wildly below
    • I saw your icon in my inbox <3

      Thinking Cap
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