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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

cyoa -- Booked For Murder

cyoa -- Booked For Murder

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dief and donuts COYA
Yay! I have a title! see above!

This morning has been super-productive and I now have 10-15% of the plot nailed. (I hope) I've also started a page purely for Fraser and his amazing law bending.

Fraser is renowned (or notorious) throughout the RCMP for his admirable characteristic of
technically legally and regulatory sound interpretations of:
a) the Criminal Code of the Dominion of Canada
b) all regulations of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
c) understatement

In a state of economy, Fraser is capable of simultaneously enacting all three of the above through his unique approach to his duties. Some of his recent cases include:

1) over-fishing
2) littering
3) the distribution of subversive publications

One of the above did not appear on your television screens and Fraser's approach is, as always, unique.

[in other news - I am still feeling wretched and so going nowhere fast]
  • I'm super intrigued by your list of Fraser super skills.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    • If I manage to work this out, you will find Fraser has quite a commanding presence. *enigmatic*
  • Excellent title! Marvelous "Fraser page"!

    ( And in spite of you feeling like you are "going nowhere," you certainly are going somewhere with the fic.)
    • I am on a wave! Wooo! Wrirting!

      [two pages on graph paper that is hopefully a step by step breakdown]

      Welsh manages to out-fraser Fraser. It is hockey night in Canada. [lower case intentional]

      [here hockey always refers to the violent sport girls do in opposition to the boys who do rugby. There's a reason for the rule "no hockey sticks above the waist". I played lower back, badly]

      [ETA: our pitch was on a 20 degree slope]

      [ETA 2: can you have "veterinary bills" ?]

      Edited at 2017-12-05 05:52 pm (UTC)
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