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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

What I've written is not where it belongs. That and I might drop the…

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dief and donuts COYA
What I've written is not where it belongs.

That and I might drop the coya element for now and concentrate on writing a different-but-the-same detective story [?]

I'm stuck between slightly flippant tone or a full-out omniscient author.

The latter lets me puff up the dramatic psycho-something style
The former I might have slightly more wiggle-room and set an element of dS style slightly-suspend-your-belief which could be lighter and funnier (surprise!) but may not fit a double-murder [hey, I upgraded!] e.g. https://buzzylittleb.livejournal.com/809522.html

Currently: I have a monster migraine-thing and going to bed

ETA: Staying with option 1: slightly flippant and potential to subsequently coya.

I just need to be consciously unaware of possible decision trees

[since removing some of the really annoying trees from the earlier section - which just made the whole thing much too complicated and also doesn't include the almost but not quite give-away element]
  • *cheers on your dS fic whichever approach you follow*
  • See above!

    Getting free of all the early [unhelpful] stuff makes this thing bounce.

    [plus key opening chunk gives a reason that if I want a COYA it will have a great set-up for why Fraser is free to make a lot more decisions]
  • I've also come up with an explanation how the ducks got their nickname
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