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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I have scored on presents for *ONL something to feed his vanity…

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I have scored on presents for

*ONL something to feed his vanity
*Elvis something that he never knew he needed

[I have pretty good present matching skills]


*mummy needs something to bring her up to bbd
*dosk may benefit for a top up because of bbd

I need to locate
*I gave her a pseudonym but I can't remember.

And card:

When I started using the internet, the standard advice was "never tell anyone where you live and never tell anyone your name and don't name anyone else"
unless you're a 14yo Girl in California on AOL

When facebook first appeared as a college/university website/bloggy/networky-thing [we need to have a word for this - maybe after we've finished beer pong] where you needed to have an student/academic/faculty email, I thought "this is a really bad idea".

Everyone was telling this website (that just appeared a month ago) your full name, the college you attend, your age, approximate location, the schools you went to as a child, what you are studying... and I couldn't get anyone to listen what a fucking stupid idea it was and they shouldn't jump off cliffs because...

I saw a screenshot from facebook recently and these people listed what they do, when they do it, where they work...

And to think, once upon a time in movie-land you had to go to a graveyard and find the name and dates of a dead child and then start filling in forms and sending them to the authorities in a very specific order. Last time I heard, you can still do that in real life.

Short version: I never give out identities of anyone I post about.
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