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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Two dS writing posts in a day

Two dS writing posts in a day

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x men jubilie ahem
Okay, I'm not working well with Welsh right now.

One of the "in which" for Chapter 2 is:

in which Fraser is enchained,

I just went from having no idea regarding plot progression beyond the opening 25% or so, to figuring out the missing elements from the forensics* and getting a really good timeline sorted for days one and two. :-) Yay!

* I made the decision early on in the development of this fic.

From the start of the Choose Your Own Adventure plans, the order you do things was linked to Real Time.

Every option/choice [do you visit the morgue] or [go to lunch] had a fixed duration [lunch takes around 1 hour] and [travelling between sites takes 45 minutes dependent on vehicle] so when choices were strung together, you produced a unique time line [where you are and when] but all the events and people have their own personal time lines [mort takes lunch between 1 and 2] so if you [go to morgue] you will be [standing in front of a locked door] and reassess [your plan of action] and so, you will have your information in varying amounts and contexts if you [start at the morgue] the [autopsy hasn't happened] so you get [minimal information beyond the obvious] which is really going to screw your chances to solve the case, because you don't discover key clues regarding the cause of death and medical condition of the victim.

*points to tag*
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