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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

So, you weren't captain popular." "No, Ray," Fraser paused, "I'm a…

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fraser and ray: duet
So, you weren't captain popular."

"No, Ray," Fraser paused, "I'm a Constable"
  • LOL!
  • Fraser is loved by the younger officers and constables. He featured in a recruitment film from the early eighties, first in training at depot and then "adventuring" in somewhere cold with extreme weather talking about how much he loves his work and his dogs, etc... and his hopes for the future...

    The film had been shown in career education programmes for years even before Turnbull first saw it. Turnbull collected all the memorabilia.

    [he also threatens to show it to Ray and this gives him a weird power over Fraser]

    So, a lot of the younger, cooler mounties are resentful of the powers that be for sending Fraser out of the wild lands they associate with him.

    [this is a sort of rationalisation for Fraser's different "working uniform" instead of the modern and more pseudo-military look. But then again, the serge and the original mounties wearing it were military]
  • "Oh Fuck!" came a familiar voice from the kitchen.

    Ray looked incredulous.

    "Well, you always need a word for when you nail your thumb to a wall. "Oh, dear" is two.

    I don't have a place for that. I'm just in an one-liner day
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