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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

cyoa / booked for murder: badfic fun

cyoa / booked for murder: badfic fun

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dief and donuts COYA
Today, I am deliberately writing bad fiction.

I checked this with dad and it is terrible enough to be the work of Annalise Treason

Annalise was found dead at 6:00 at the former Avery Hotel

Sadly, it wasn't for Crimes Against Literature [sorry Turnbull, Welsh beat you to it]

Brett Mayers had resolved to keep away from Patricia, hoping that the madness and violence in his world of investigation of dark and dangerous plots perpetrated by so-called Men Of God would no longer invade their life together as a normal family. However, no manner of prayer could electro-convulse his broken heart.

I am very pleased with that metaphor and I plan to that high standard some more.

So, I am not writing anything of the real project in case the style is contagious.
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