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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Turnbull explains it all

Turnbull explains it all

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x-men x-mas
That man was the reason I became a Mountie; he was in a recruitment video that they showed for years. Really, I think they filmed it in ’81 or so and careers officers just kept playing it. At the end of Depot, he returned to his home community as he’d always intended. He didn’t join the RCMP for its own sake; he joined because he wanted to protect his community and help the people he loved and protect them from crime and exploitation.
  • Oh Turnbull....
    • Don't tell him.


      Because I'm the editor

      [there is a Fraser fanzine - interesting and on the "maybe happen somewhere list" and I need to get over my urge to write their newsletter and the bit where I hunted down pictures of Paul from 1982. ]
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