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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I think I can get away with this icon until Epiphany

I think I can get away with this icon until Epiphany

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The New Year is pretty much like the last year. Except you can CAPITALISE New Year!

Dosk and I watched The Black Hole [dist. Buena Vista]

I have fond memories of the Cute Little Robots. When I was small(er than I am now) I absolutely adored any movie with cute little robots in it. For a very long time, my very favourite movie was Batteries Not Included.

Other than that, I am still writing in entirely the wrong direction and heading (dangerously close) towards world-building overload and deep characterisation for everybody.

Also I am having issues with my view point. It veers alarmingly between omniscient third-person narrator and character-focused third person narrator. Omniscient narrator is very much like the writer's little notes at the bottom of pages in Squirrel Girl! I <3 SG and you should too and I got a Squirrel Girl t-shirt in the post on Saturday which was totally win.

I think I have swung into the manic zone right now. I don't want to be here to experience the crash down.

* Buena Vista is one of Disney's little tricks to keep the Disney brand as they like it. They shunt everything they produce with a PG rating in there. [do I really need to spoiler a movie released in 1979?]The Black Hole manages one horrible, but off-screen death and the falling body looks surprisingly clean and intact for somebody attacked by a killer robot armed with a rotating balloon whisk. Oh, and some people fall off ships.

Perhaps it is more because one of the Cute Little Robots takes one for the team and gets to do the "leave me behind and save yourself, I've always believed in you now get the hell out"

Oh, and the entire ship's crew turned into mindless robots.

  • The Black Hole, huh? Maybe "watching something black" is a New Year's theme. Chez ride we are watching season 3 of The Black Adder today.
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