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Canon Has Shot My Fic Down (why am I making myself do this anyway?)

This is when all my due South meta and backwards fan theory falls to bits.

Suddenly, the names George and Martha drop into my head.

Oh fuck. That's just killed my entire theoretical childhood of Fraser and therefore almost everything [emotionally Fraser and Ray related] in Booked for Murder / CYOA is wrong.

Goodbye about 1/3 of the not-the-plot line.

Fraser was raised by his paternal grandparents so:

* the whole dynasty of Victorian RCMP officers doesn't work
* the bit where I had Fraser's maternal grandparents having Fraser is dead
* the bit where Caroline was the [1950s] free-spirited aboriginal rights campaigner with the happy liberal cult of librarian revolutionaries who took in the kid and...
* the whole everything I've put into Fraser's childhood didn't happen right down to where he learnt to drive and his first dog and the incident with the little boy in two snow suits didn't happen.
* most of my Tiberius theory is gone.
* all of my why Fraser wanted to be a mountie (the not father emulation version) is gone.
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