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Booked for Murder [certainly needs a better title]

Through janne_d's amazing powers of clear insight and insanity-sporking, I might have a work around that might:
a) work properly
b) separate the two approaches into two separate fic things
c) work
d) have a justifiable (sort of) reason Fraser should be leading a murder investigation.

Also, if Ray was confused by the operation of the Consulate in Asylum...

ETA: is Ray K scared of heights?

p.s. trying to come up with a title that doesn't sound like an Agatha Christie book (even if all the suspects are [unbeknownst to each other] in the same hotel)

Also, I would like to thank dosk, mummyfrog and one of my fellow Knit Wits.
Tags: better title please, booked for murder, cyoa, fanfiction babble
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