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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Booked for Murder [certainly needs a better title]

Booked for Murder [certainly needs a better title]

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dief and donuts COYA
Through janne_d's amazing powers of clear insight and insanity-sporking, I might have a work around that might:
a) work properly
b) separate the two approaches into two separate fic things
c) work
d) have a justifiable (sort of) reason Fraser should be leading a murder investigation.

Also, if Ray was confused by the operation of the Consulate in Asylum...

ETA: is Ray K scared of heights?

p.s. trying to come up with a title that doesn't sound like an Agatha Christie book (even if all the suspects are [unbeknownst to each other] in the same hotel)

Also, I would like to thank dosk, mummyfrog and one of my fellow Knit Wits.
  • *takes a bow*

    Glad it helped! And I rather like "Booked for Murder", especially if the plot involves an actual book.
    • Even better, it features the murder of a canadian novelist called Annalise Treason. It's an apt name given how many people she has screwed over.

      Her books might be popular (imagine dan brown* crossed with mills & boon) but not with some people. Including Turnbull who thinks that her murder has brought up the grade curve of Canadian literature.

      Due to the massively Canadian Celebrity thing, the RCMP have declared that they are leading the investigation. It's just that all their crack teams are busy right now, so they are going to leave the initial interviews/assessments in the hands of the nearest detachment.

      Oh dear.

      So, we have the American Liaison Officer [a very pissed off Ray Kowalski], Constable 'Poster Boy' Fraser and Constable 'City Mouse' Turnbull.

      [Turnbull is an indoors Mountie - they found out on his first deployment that he is allergic to horses, pine trees and extreme cold. He is also the gayest: on his first deployment he attempted to sleep his way around the detachment, but we have only his word for this.]

      [he also edits a fanzine]

      Hmmm... I wonder if I have a more Turnbull-ish userpic

      *just checked: didn't write anything until 1998 and didn't really hit the big time sometime in the 2000s. bugger.
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