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Booked for Murder: Also Starring: Constable Renfield 'City Mouse' Turnbull

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My favourite mountie with a dubious grasp on sanity.

His first deployment was quite surprising. It transpired that he was allergic to horses, pine trees and extreme cold. He edits a fanzine which he desperately wants Ray to keep quiet about.

He is also probably the gayest mountie (or at least most prolific) and likes to make Fraser ('the nice boy from Tuk') uncomfortable. His escape strategy is to be so incompetent that Thatcher will transfer him back to Canada, where he will be somebody else's problem. He was a Corporal in criminal intelligence (crimint) and thus is a very handy person to know. His choice of nightclub was 'unfortunate' in that it was patronized by a (married) senior Mountie. Ironically, Turnbull neither saw nor recognised him (it was that kind of nightclub*). However, after Turnbull was despatched to Chicago, somebody sent his wife some very interesting pictures. Oh, and so were his supervising officers, and his masonic lodge...

He was also black balled from his lawn bowls club.


*Fraser squirms (a lot)
Tags: booked for murder, fanfiction babble, personal canon, turnbull
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