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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Have I been misinformed? (when in doubt - check canon and add ctrl+f)

Have I been misinformed? (when in doubt - check canon and add ctrl+f)

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dief and donuts COYA
1967 Pontiac GTO was available in black (?!?!)


Wait a cotton picking minute, Ray's paint job was still DIY custom

The Ladies Man:

Ray: Uh, my dad was a great guy, did all the, y'know, great dad things uh, took me to ball games, uh y'know, showed me round a card table, uh y'know taught me how to y'know build an engine. Y'know, we'd tear down engines, uh, build 'em back up again. Last car we worked on was this uh GTO. Worked on it day, night. Um..Painted it black. Jet black. Six coats. Loved that car.


Ray: Frannie, [who is reading a magazine] put out an APB. License number WE 761, black 1967 double barreled car, GTO.
Frannie: What is it with you guys and cars. What? You all have your brains stuck behind your zippers or something? [to Fraser] I mean excluding you of course, Fraser.
Fraser: Oh, thank you.
Frannie: What is that? what does that stand for? GTO. Great throbbing –
Ray: No Frannie it’s Grand, grand, what is it again Fraser?
Fraser: Grand Turiso Omologato.
Ray: Right. GTO. Now hit the keys please Frannie. Thank you.

I forgot how blatant Frannie can get. :-)

Dear America, why can't you have a vehicle registration format that makes sense?
  • A bit of car beta: the Omologato is a "Gran Turismo".

    (And now, before I ever comment on the spelling of other proper nouns, tell me if that's an okay thing or an I'm being a PITA thing.)
    • I should have noticed that. I fished the bits out of the transcripts. I also read very quickly which does not help. Word untangling is very helpful.

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