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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Okay, went to Cathedral City and did some shopping with bbd! Besides…

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mort: hi
Okay, went to Cathedral City and did some shopping with bbd! Besides getting my hands on a ludicrous amount of sticky, sweet and not healthful consumables. I also got a nifty necklace/earrings combination with cherries on and a new watch (cheaper than replacing a watch battery in Town) and a new book (about the history of surgery)*. It was really awesome.

*more interesting and amusing than you might think.


Note to self: Part way through the briefing, Frannie bursts into the office with an e-mail for "Harding" and then noticed the guys in the room. The email is from the RCMP and they want to handle the case/lead the investigation themselves. Unfortunately, most of the Mounties are otherwise occupied [embarrassingly, somebody stole a 32ft statue of a moose and they can't find it] and a maple-syrup smuggler has met a sticky end [Welsh: "they have somebody to write this stuff?!"] so they are going to send down a task force [which isn't available and quite possibly doesn't exist] to investigate. However, they have a Deployment of trained investigators already in the city of Chicago and they will handle the initial investigation...

Fraser and Turnbull have a murder on their hands and have only their American Liaison Officer to aid them!

Actually, that sums up a lot of the plot for the thing I'm working on.
  • Stolen 32-foot moose statue! Maple syrup smuggling! *flails*
    • The statue is real: Mac the Moose is the 32ft tall mascot of Moose Jaw. [Fraser's only urban posting before Chicago was Moose Jaw, pop 30,000].

      There are also examples of maple syrup fraud out there (and a certain fictional hotel has been cutting corners in that regard).

      Also, I bought a slice of maple/walnut fudge. There is a dedicated fudge store where you can see the people actually making the stuff.

      The weirdest combinations at the moment are lemon merainge white fluffy stuff pie and carrot cake.
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