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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

ds research is delicious [Ride, you might find some of this quite interesting]

ds research is delicious [Ride, you might find some of this quite interesting]

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due south: kiss het
Okay, I just randomly remembered I had a del.icio.us account back when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

I can't remember the email or the password, so I can't get at any private stuff.

I've just remembered why I stopped using it. They suddenly cut the amount of words you placed in the description.  A lot of them were links to message board posts [not permanent and you can't ressurect them using the Wayback Machine* aka Archive.org.  I posted a quick quote or a longer synopsis so I could find them easily.
If they'd told me, I would have harvested them and saved them to Black Box (my first computer of my own and it has a very small footprint and is short enough that everyone thought it was a really cool looking stereo).

If you ever find Dead Links to things you want to read, go to archive.org [it does what it says on the tin] and feed in the link.  There's a very good chance that you can see a saved copy of the website.  Cool, huh.

About word mangling and diction in due south with reg. ray, frannie, turnbull, almost everyone.

ETA [current archive.org page]
What happens at Mountie School... gets written about by young, female cadet.

Also, I should mention that my account is here:

The front-end says that I "recently saved" posts/links in 2008. *rolls eyes to heaven*
  • Yes! Yes! Quite interesting!

    (BTW, I do read all your posts but have fallen way behind in responding...and it's going to get worse because I'm about to be putting a lot of time and attention in prepping for the dS panel I'm modding at the Escapade con in a few weeks.)
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