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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

dosk rocks: awesome fan stuff

dosk rocks: awesome fan stuff

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animal: omg llamas!
Dosk bought some seemingly incredibly expensive working-copy [i.e. bad, fuzzy, wrecked photocopies of] set building/design plans from one of his favourite television series. These were from a honest-to-god real-world auction house with matching auctioneer fees (ouch).

[this is dosk's hobby, retro-engineering sets/props/daleks with fuzzy-ish screen caps and a lot of math]*

They weren't as described:

They're first generation plans (done in pencil) and master copies from which the bad, fuzzy, wrecked third-generation photocopies were made. OMG!

They were much less incredibly expensive than they seemed considering that those bad, fuzzy, wrecked photocopied plans cost way more to buy individually. Once again, dosk rocks
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