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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

research (i.e. me, transcripts and ctrl+F)

research (i.e. me, transcripts and ctrl+F)

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dief and donuts COYA
Ray Kowalski never uses expressions like 'Christ's sake, Fraser, do [verb] thing" or "for Pete's sake, we are not, repeat not, climbing up those stairs again" (almost always they always do)

Fraser, on the other hand, likes "for God's sake" as in "oh for God's sake, I think I provided ample explanation".

[actually so does Thatcher, dead bob, and Vecchio?]

Damn, I'm curious now (and should be typing)

[badly laid out statistics]Pilot:
Dubious Guy: 2
Dead Bob: 1 (but with feeling)

Season One:
Dead Bob: 1

Season Two:
Fraser 2
Vecchio 2
Dead Bob 1
Random Bad Guys: 4

Season Three:
Fraser 2
Thatcher 2
Dead Bob
Random Bad Guy 1

Answer: Too few to be in any way conclusive. How do American networks think about any possible invocation of God that somebody, somewhere will sue their asses for "taking the Lord's name in Vain"? or his dad's
  • The "taking the Lord's name in vain" is not a legal problem on American TV (although there are, of course, individual viewers who complain about it).

    Are you familiar with the so-called "Seven Words You Must Not Say [on American broadcasting]" and the legal battle that ensued when George Carlin deliberately said all seven of them?
    • [yeah, I was just thinking about how scared networks are about these sort of people]

      No, I haven't.

      There was a famous interview with the Sex Pistols which included the first use of the word 'fuck' on screen [plus, it was on the bbc and "they should be protecting people against this sort of thing..."] * and now the result seems like an epic over-reaction.

      *silly voices don't work over the internet. Trust me, I do a good one.
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