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Christmas: 'Tis Not A Good Time For The Migraine-Bunny

I'm a zombi again. Extreme full-frontal zombi. No homework done and the attention span of a concussed goldfish. I so can't wait 'til I get back to London and get my new medication. Unless it completely screws up and I end up with migraine 24/7 again. This is a distinct and scary possibility. Headache-talk (unlike its direct opposite Pillow-Talk) is really depressing.

So there's virtually nothing I can do to occupy myself. I can't sit through television. And I'm even finding it tough to do my cross-stiching.

Uncanny Little-b factoid #1066: I actually do do needlework. I am currently working on a rather complicated Japenese lady in something like 22count aida.

Actually, with a medium migraine, it's actually quite fun 'cos you just copy the chart. Tough that my migraine is currently in full humdinger mode.

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