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Well, it's useful for me. Something for me to put in the Reference/Resarch List of Doom (stickied)

There is an unofficial shooting range in one of the garages. The Consulate has basement garages which remain unused except by the Mounties, who hold the key for ‘security purposes’. To use one, you would have to remove your wing mirrors and then exit the vehicle thorough the sunroof. If your vehicle lacks a sun roof, a tin opener is available at the reception desk. Which is all very fine if you haven’t driven in already and realised that if you don’t back in, you can’t get out. Ray will be pleased to know that now he has a formal position within (and without) the RCMP, he is, as a law enforcement agent, permitted to carry one 9mm pistol but is not permitted load or use it. Fraser and Turnbull know a lot about RCMP regulations, as you will find out.
Tags: booked for murder, due south, turnbull
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