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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

This is why it takes me forever to write anything.

This is why it takes me forever to write anything.

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dief: Dief cry
Bob Fraser's contribution to sexual education

Bob Fraser advised him to not listen to anything Mrs Fraser the elder said and work out the rest as you go along. It's a hell of a lot more fun that way.

him to not listen
never to listen

His father recommended toFraser him that he never listen to anything his grandmother had to say about the topic and he could work out the rest out as it comes along. It's a lot better that way, son.

[turning dialogue into words is difficult. Turning the dialogue in your head to words is even worse]

The edit bunny wants to re-write a thousand times until there is nothing left at all.

[rather like George Lucas]

His father recommended never listening {super strike-through}

ETA: Bob told him no to pay attention to anything his grandmother might say on the topic and just work it out once you've gone along. It's a lot more fun, he said, your mother certainly thought it was. She had a very distinctive laugh, your mother, and at the time she wouldn't stop. Sometimes things are very discouraging to a young man, but you'll pull it together, both of you.
  • ahem, but those handbooks can only ever explain the mechanical aspects. The pleasures you can work out between yourselves, it's a lot more fun that way, and enjoy the hilarity of the act... well, your mother couldn't stop laughing. She, your mother, had a very distinctive laugh and such responses can cause a man to doubt, they are very discouraging to a man, but ultimately you will pull through this together.

    [sic] (of the act).

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