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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Booked for Murder

Booked for Murder

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dief and donuts COYA
Regarding Booked for Murder [my attempt at writing fan fiction], things are beginning to become a little less weird. The plot is still rather odd [think Agatha Christie writing an episode of due South with some help form Paul Gross on acid] and the suspects are still strange [uh, why is there a ghost-spotter in the line-up?] and the clues are odd [why is fake maple syrup an important clue?] and canon-eccentricity is more than intact [why are they called the duck boys?].

Questions extrapolated from canon are addressed [who pays for the exploding car? do they recover costs from the arsonist? how popular is ray with motor pool?] and [why are there only three Mounties?].

Some Buzzy!think:

Turnbull is weird, kooky and under-endowed with people skills. Who the hell thought he'd make a good receptionist?

Turnbull identified himself as gay on the enlistment form, scored highly at Depot and good looking. Ideal material for an inclusive recruitment campaign which the RCMP really needed at the time [after the 'real world' Turbangate fiasco]

Cue posters [slogan: the hardest thing I ever did was come out as a Mountie] and magazine articles [which suggests that nobody in recruitment actually researched 'gay interest' magazines] and a small cult following and fan-mail [some of which Turnbull enjoyed very much even if he wasn't allowed to write back]. This was not popular with some senior Mounties [specifically, the ones that sent Fraser back to Chicago as 'punishment' for whistle blowing]

Turnbull has always been an indoor Mountie [which They liked even less] and that is mostly because he is allergic to horses and his better 'qualifications' are based around his educational background [university and post-grad] and being just that damned good at what he does. Since he was working in a specialised field where ranks are more based on achievement and skills than seniority and promotions boards... can you get how much They liked it when he scored Corporal in three years? Enough to get him demoted on a technicality and posted somewhere his skills were irrelevant and subsequently he'd be too 'behind the times' [training, seminars, conferences, new technology] that he can be reposted somewhere really nice .

Turnbull wants out. Obviously. Getting sent back to the Ottawa Mothership, where he has 'contacts', on the grounds of incompetence is the easiest way to do this. Ideally, he wants to pull Fraser over the border as soon as They start drawing what's left of their service pensions. Some of Turnbull's 'connections' are on good terms with Fraser's 'connections' and they could get Fraser get into a posting where he belongs.

Oh, and one of the They is now 'enjoying' a very protracted and media-visible divorce case when a major newspaper and high command both received some very interesting photographs from a mysterious third party not unconnected with the Criminal Intelligence department.
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