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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

I don't know if we still do this but...

I don't know if we still do this but...

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fraser: cartoon
They have called this day the eleventh of March. And whom-so-ever of you gets through this day unless you are shot in the head or somehow slain you will stand a hipnal when e'er you hear the name again and you will get excited at the name March the eleventh. We happy few, we few, we band of brothers our names will be as like household names. Those who are not here be they sleeping or doing something else, they will feel themselves - sort of crappy. Because they are not here to, to join the fight. On this day March the eleventh!

-- Leslie Nielsen as Buck Frobisher
  • Yes, we still do this! I just haven't posted on my LJ and DW yet today, but I am seeing it posted by others, plus I'm receiving emailed Eleventh of March greetings.

    (BTW, it's also sign-up day for the due South Canadian Six Degrees Big Bang. Maybe you'd want to enter the dS fic on which you've been working as a Big Bang fic?)
    • That's cool.

      Hell, no. I'm not exactly cranking out the words here.

      I'm not writing every day and what I do can be rather dubious (I seem to be getting better as I start hitting the who-dunnit section of the plot and working in some of the little clues that the guys haven't picked up yet. Fraser doesn't ask the 'right' question because he is too engaged speaking to the interviewee about her holiday plans and the Management of whom the employees are scared shitless. Ray is picking up about the poor security [non-functioning security cameras, only one employee in the lobby and no hotel heavies around].

      Uh, that makes it sound like I'm a lot further in than I am, there are currently bits of the first couple of 'scenes' and none of them are quite connected. My writing style is swerving between the deep and the actual [upbeat] storyline.

      I have written the Benton and Bob facts of life thing (and it is awesome, Bob thinks he is being a good parent but can't remember Fraser's 'aboriginal' best friend's name and thinks the walrus encounter was a lot more recent than it actually was. Uh, that's about six years out and Bob still tells Benton he reads all his letters.

      The problem is that nothing quite belongs and I can't see anyway that the actual Talk thing even halfway fits the narrative [or the written style]

      Things (uh, mental and physical) mean that sometimes writing is not a good idea and I end up feeling worse and writing worse. :-(

      [on the upside, I have put in more puns and silliness into the stuff that sticks while staying in the dS real world and I am really enjoying those bits. Did you know that a teenage Ray, in search for the mysteries of the female mind, read the entirety of Flowers in the Attic? [he thinks the book that sparks the murder is even worse]

      If you haven't read Flowers in the Attic, I sort-of un-recommend it. It is terribly... indescribable. [Virginia Andrews has written more books since she died than she ever wrote in life] <-- that's really important.
      • Heh, too late to unrec Flowers in the Attic...I encountered it years ago, and yeah, not a winning read.
        • Yes, but terribly virulent as well. I'm sort of thinking things like Dan Brown [avoided] and 50 shades [which I did not read, I pretty much went 'okay, I've read this stuff - it's thinly disguised fanfiction - and this is going to happen and then this and then]. It's a meme in dead tree format.
    • If you've read Terry Pratchett, you'd know about the concept of "lies to children"


      Fraser sometimes uses 'lies to Rays'

      He certainly has "lies to the Chicago PD". Seriously, does anyone believe that the Consulate is operated by three Mounties?

      I have all these bits from different drafts and they belong together but they do not tie together. Ray is going to learn more about the Consulate and its inhabitants and he is not going to like everything he finds.
      • Yep, Terry Pratchett indeed.

        As for "Ray is going to learn more about the Consulate and its inhabitants and he is not going to like everything he finds"...wow, that sounds ominous.
        • Well, for starters, the RCMP are not as cute and fluffy as the 27 (esp. inc. Walsh) have been led to believe. For starters, Ray has never thought hard about Fraser's job description and if he knew more about that would he have let Fraser go to Ottawa?
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