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Hello. Haven't been writing (or internetting) much because I am working on EQ's Christmas present (confused? gift from EQ). It's a dmc "little mermaid" kit (not the Disney version, the original Hans Christian Andersen version) and it has one of the worst, most evil, hard-to-read charts I have ever encountered. I do a lot of cross stitch (I sort of omitted the 'cross stitch' bit, didn't I?) and this was bad. Photocopied to double size = still nearly unreadable. *yikes* I resorted to colour pencils (and that doesn't help very much) in seriously unnatural colours, so I now have zombie day-of-the-dead mermaid. :-|

I woke up and had another "it doesn't work because it doesn't belong in here in the first place' moments about booked for murder (the due South [Agatha Christie style] project of DOOM) and now I don't know whether to do some writing/chopping now or do some more mermaid.


Fraser has realised that most Chicagoans can't distinguish between Mounties. Following the murder of a Canadian Novelist, the RCMP have informed the CPD that they will be taking the case and are sending their crack International Investigation Task Force [it needs a much snappier name - Turnbull has ideas] to investigate. There is no International Task Force. There hasn't ever been an International Task Force.

So, the International Task Force has been created to save [RCMP] face in front of the Americans and actually consists of: 2 Mounties, 1 American Liaison Officer and their Regimental Mascot. Yes, Dief has an official job description for the sole purpose of legitimising Fraser's half-wolf pure-breed (sp) Malamute presence in the Consulate [as conceived by the Fraser/Turnbull brain trust].

Because most of the Chicago population (including any CPD personnel who haven't previously met Fraser) can't distinguish between Mounties, the Task Force consists of Mountie-With-A-Hat, Mountie-Without-A-Hat, Mountie-Without-A-Hat-But-Wearing-His-Forage-Cap-Instead, Mountie-With-Black-Hair, Mountie-With-Brown-Hair, Mountie-With-Blond-Hair-But-Also-Laryngitis (Sorry, Ray), Mountie-In-A-Brown-Uniform (Fraser's pre-1970 'classic' look), Mountie-In-A-Blue-Uniform (Turnbull in the current modern-style uniform), Mountie-Telephone-Operator...

I think you get the idea. An expert team will be deploying according to their respective specialisms, so most people never see more than two Mounties at any time. This is an evil plan.

Note to me: Fraser has a box of 'props' in the back of the Mom Mobile.
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