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Thinking Allowed (booked for murder) - exploring the Consulate.

Previously on due South, Ray Kowalski sought (and found) Asylum in the Canadian Consulate.

Now in Booked For Murder he has temporary official status in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the American-Canadian Temporary Liaison Officer. As an 'official' exchange officer, he has full access to the 'behind the scenes' section of the Diplomatic Services Detachment based in the Territory of Illinois in the City Known as Chicago.

The parking garages: completely unfit for [intended] use. Very fit for any use the Security Team (who have the keys) protecting the Consulate and all who work in her. Turnbull uses it to keep his motorcycle. There is a distinctly illegal firing range running the length of the corridor that connects the individual car-parking unit things.

   corridor (be careful)           target | 
_______   ________  ________   ________   / emergency exit door
         ]          ]         ]          ]|
garage 1 ] garage 2 ] garage 3] garage 4 ]|
motor    ] official ]{moffats}] official ]|
cycle    ] storage  ]{car is }] paperwork]|
do not   ] large    ]{stuck  }] etc - end]|
touch    ] Consular ]{here he}] bricked  ]|
pain of  ] equipm ~ ]{ignored}] up by the]|
pain     ] + junk   ]{advice }] boys     ]|

The parking bays are too narrow to open the car doors and you must back in carefully if you want to drive out.

Guess what? Consul Moffatt (sp?) didn't listen to (well, completely ignored) the Mounties when they told him not to use the parking garage. The bays are too narrow for you to open your door and exit your vehicle. The very tight entrances also mangle your wing mirrors if you don't fold them in first. You must reverse in if you want to get out again. The Consul had to smash his windscreen to get out of the vehicle and it hasn't moved since. The only suggestion for how to get it out is to disassemble it and then rebuild it somewhere else. The Consul is too tight to pay anyone to do this.

There is also the Junior Officers' Ready Room is about the size of Fraser's office but with a three-seater couch stuffed in (Fraser and Turnbull disassembled it one weekend) and a television. Tucked under a macramé antimacassar is a (very contraband) beer cooler (Fraser and Turnbull tested it after re-assembling the couch) and a noticeboard complete with a sign-up sheet for a trip to the Vancouver Gay Pride event. Since Fraser and Turnbull are not permitted to go on leave at the same time, this seems a little redundant. The RCMP pay for officially-sanctioned group social events... so if there is a group sign-up form, that makes it an official social event...

There is also a strictly STAFF ONLY bathroom. Ray now qualifies. Fraser keeps his wash bag and shaving stuff on the windowsill. This is very useful.

Very ETA: My ascii art worked fine when I uploaded this darn thing - why it has collapsed now, I really don't know. *miffed*

Extra ETA: fuck it, lj

Double ETA: does this work on browsers that are not Chrome?

Answer: yes [opera, internet explorer and edge tested] [also, firefox]
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