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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Writing Stuff

Writing Stuff

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captain marvel
Okay, I've found a new, better way to manage the Booked For Murder project. I am using Pencil (a nifty open source screen stuff prototyping program which, more importantly, can do flow diagrams <3) to set up an Interview Bank - everyone's answers to questions minus the characterisation stuff that ties me in knots. Basically, it's who said what when and can pick holes in the boys' actions and omissions.

e.g. if Ray had shown the Receptionist the Victim Photo, they would have known that the Receptionist had only met a Imposter Victim and not be short a Witness.

Americadians: please name a general surface cleaning / sanitising product / multi-purpose disinfectant. Bonus points if it is pine-scented (which totally does not disguise the product but makes it worse). Something like "Detol" in the UK (or possibly even TCP - my boss likes the smell and keeps an open bottle in our office whenever the weather gets vaguely infectious)
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