little-b (buzzylittleb) wrote,

ooooh! I have the internet! - random, random, archaeology on mars, booked for murder, anything!

Our ISP is not popular in our house right now:

We had no internet for a week.

This was (unsurprisingly) tedious and frustrating.


I have done an extreme amount of typing for ONL - this week, again, he is in a surprisingly good mood.

Q: How many archaeologists does it take to install a light-bulb?
A: Four (including ONL doing the supervising) but you need all of them. It was the big central spot and about 20ft above the ground and if you drop, there's roman concrete a foot thick waiting to meet you.

Quoth ONL "buzzy, I have a special little job for you"
Quoth Me "ulp"
Quoth ONL "eat these left over biscuits."


I have been doing some stuff with "booked for murder" and there quite possibly be a third body. Seriously. It messes up the ending so I think I am going to downgrade it to knocked out (and unable to tell the boys anything useful) - I think death/concussion by catering size bottle of ersatz maple sauce hefted at you by a girlfriend who is angry you are not murdering enough people... is very unique. Things are getting very flow-charty here - huge "who knows what pages" and "50 ways to kill you mother" [sadly, no, there aren't 50 ways as much as there are not 57 varieties, but I like the song].
Tags: archaeology on mars, booked for murder, fanfiction babble, incredible edible internet, internets broken

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