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My computer really has up and died on me. (or is just very very super ill)

I hadn't bothered to back up a lot of my booked for murder notes. :-(

Every couple/treble of days I would back up to dropbox.

I just thought that there was going to be a time when it would be less of a bother. :-(

Still, I have some of the stuff on dropbox (from when I did bother) :-|

Sadly, the missing stuff was rather important (how to kill your mother, death by maple syrup, serious pathological nutcases and a clue tree [one of the "laws" of Agatha Christie style novels is that all the necessary information is revealed to the reader] and the last(ish) "oh my god, [somebody] is killing [blank] Canadians associated with [murder trigger event / traumatic experience that scared the killer for life and got them into killing Canadians in the first place].

Note to self:

*The boys are only "turned on" to the [Ex-Agent] after Turnbull has done some of this amazing research skills and negotiated with some of his 'contacts' and found somebody with access to newspaper archives.

ETA: going to post my pc back to manufacturer with a summary of (increasing) fail.
ETA 2: excuse for therapeutic shopping?

ETA 3: [husband] was not aware that [son] was anywhere near the [avery] and had not informed [the boys] that he did (because, obvs, no connection) and had to phone [college admin] to get his telephone number (They are estranged and out of contact because [son] refusing to communicate "because") so that he can break the news of his [mom]'s murder rather than let the [police] tell him (and then traumatise [son]) only this is a Bad Thing. They killed the [PA] because she knew he was in Chicago and so would have to die (so the police don't know about him and he is not a suspect and it will really piss [Chrissy] off if they don't accomplish her [original murder plan]) or everything will fail massively. (Confused much? This is why I have flow charts. If anyone knows about [son] then everything will trail back to him and hence to [Chrissy] who possibly overlooked giving a false name when she checked in... so, they can't let this get back to the cops when (having warned son) [husband] tells the cops about him...

[son] obv not with [Chrissy] on her (amended) continuing plan - kill [his dad] to shut him up and then kill [her dad] who was the person she wanted to kill in the first place (before she got greedy). Generally, people don't like killing their parent(s) unless they have a really good reason. [son] had a really good reason to kill [victim] and was planning on a "happily ever after" with [his dad]. He argues, she remonstrates with a [huge bottle of inferior maple syrup] to the head with serious intent.

She ends up with choice: forensically get out first and then go murder [his dad] / skip forensics and get out to murder [his dad] sooner and minimise the gap in which he could tell the police. (sounds like gobbledegook - another reason for the bleeding flow diagrams).

The "skip forensics" option doesn't play out anyway, [the boys] have the [secret weapon] that she hasn't.
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