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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Dosk and Dad have determined that my computer is a zombie computer.…

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cap brit: the girls
Dosk and Dad have determined that my computer is a zombie computer. Either the processor or the motherboard is screwed and they're not exactly repairable. So, I need to buy a new desktop.

My erstwhile (smallish) laptop, otherwise known as Squid, remains as slow as something very slow but Dosk and I have been scouring it of OEM bloatware and hopefully, we might even get a working computer rather than a desk ornament/word-processor. I've only been using the thing as a (clunky) word-processor and quarantine machine. It can barely run two windows at a time and then sulks about it. Actually, it does nothing better than my first did except run slower. Okay, so that one couldn't attach to the internet (not a big issue in 1998) and save things to an external floppy drive. It was about the size and thickness of a hardback, which was seriously wow c.1998 (and explains the external floppy).

So, Squid might end up usable and may even get up close and personal with Pencil if it doesn't slow the thing down too much. Pencil is my plot-planning essential - I have lots of flow diagrams etc in it and they make me happy.

So, I'm missing out on computer things and getting stuck for anything else to do.
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