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An Update

That is the most boring post title ever (sorry).

Uhm, the build start day on my (semi custom) computer has shifted to Monday. So I can't expect delivery before Friday (if I don't go mad first). I keep getting stuck for things to do and I am thoroughly cheesed off with the cross stitch thing (nigh unreadable chart, indistinguishable backgrounds, and the dread big green lumps) and colouring is beginning to lose its appeal.

Squid (the laptop) is not up and running. Dosk has spent a lot of time saying interesting words about Microsoft and their update/fixing systems. Windows 7 is feeling rather under the weather.

I should really breakout the tablet and do something with that. I am trying to avoid dragging out the Little Black Box (my beloved and first desktop computer) from the back of the wardrobe but it is really just a matter of time / willpower / won'tpower.

hmmmmm... there is little else to delight you with, so I am going to eat a jam sandwich and read a paper.
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