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Hello (writing woe)

I've finally got a nice working whizzo computer.

I've also got one of those "how did I not consider that?" moments.

If our victim is booked in with her legal name, Lisa Anne Turson, how does anybody know that professionally she goes by the nom-de-plume AnnaLise Treason? Why the hell would Welsh and the Chicago boys in blue know that she is the writer of several low-brow but high-selling novels and a minor-league Canadian celebrity slash sociopath? This is why the RCMP have their collective knickers in a twist. So, who told them (I know) and who passed it onto the RCMP and subsequently passed it on to the CPD (no clue?).

I think I am going to have to rewrite the entire starting scenario and reboot the crazier tone (and possibly my beloved character stuff) into something a bit more... *something*

ETA: I see jettisoning. All the really cool things hanging on from COYA. :-(

{hopefully, it's not that bad}
Tags: booked for murder, depressing depression

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