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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Hello (writing woe)

Hello (writing woe)

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exc: oh dear!
I've finally got a nice working whizzo computer.

I've also got one of those "how did I not consider that?" moments.

If our victim is booked in with her legal name, Lisa Anne Turson, how does anybody know that professionally she goes by the nom-de-plume AnnaLise Treason? Why the hell would Welsh and the Chicago boys in blue know that she is the writer of several low-brow but high-selling novels and a minor-league Canadian celebrity slash sociopath? This is why the RCMP have their collective knickers in a twist. So, who told them (I know) and who passed it onto the RCMP and subsequently passed it on to the CPD (no clue?).

I think I am going to have to rewrite the entire starting scenario and reboot the crazier tone (and possibly my beloved character stuff) into something a bit more... *something*

ETA: I see jettisoning. All the really cool things hanging on from COYA. :-(

{hopefully, it's not that bad}
  • AnnaLise Treason sounds like someone Frannie might read. She might know her real name too, and be all fangirlish about meeting her. Maybe? I hope this helps.
    • Yes. Except it's hard to get an autograph in the morgue.

      Lots of people don't have any reason to like Lisa Anne. She used people to further her career and dumped them once she got what she wanted. Most of them are staying at the same hotel... so that makes things interesting for the boys...

      (thankfully not all of them are and the boys get to surface for air a lot)

      p.s can you get some sort of ghastly pine-scented disinfectant/cleaner in America ? Fraser really doesn't like the smell. It tends to linger even after the housekeeper has left the hotel room.

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