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And I would like to say a big hello to the two specimens of Nightcrawler fen, who have appended themselves to my f-list, and are now officially amongst my evil doeppelgangers, fuzzytale and fuzzybluelogic.

More Vampire!Kurt soon, my children.

It will be called "Roses Mixed With Blood" and will up the ante somewhat.

We are her children, darkness's children, no, not children, slaves. Snatched away from the sun, and made prisoners in shadows. And prisoners in blood. Sweet blood, bright red and fresh from the lungs, or darker from some other region, and all speaking in tongues of life and power and rust. Yes, rust, drying and crumbling on my lips as I lick it away.

Yes, we get Kurt POV in this one!

You are doing wonders in prodding me to get things done.

Except my homework, so later 'gators!

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