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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Swept Off My Feet And In Need Of A Reality Cheque

Swept Off My Feet And In Need Of A Reality Cheque

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hugh house
Rivulet027 bought this to my attention (so if I faint while typing this from hypotension - the screen full of junk typing you will see is all her fault).
I'm sure you all know Rivulet is a wonderful, wonderful person. I just had the need to tell all (three) of you.

I've had reviews before, sure, but they tend to be short and of the "I like this" approach. I wasn't expecting 1 1/2 pages of hagiography. (Yup, I printed it, I can be that soppy) I just hope it's not my eulogy. (Everyone now plays hunt the dictionary.)

I feel all light and floaty right now. I'll write a reply to it, when I stop levitating.

Rushed to tell my parents. Dad was generally "that's great", he seems rather wowed by the reactions my fic gets, even if he doesn't read it. My mum bought out the old "if you have time to write and everyone thinks you're so great, why aren't you writing something that you get paid for... " thing.

And it was for "Valentine's Mourning"! I wasn't exactly snowed under with reviews for that fic, even if it remains the work I'm most proud of.

This pulled me out of my slightly grumpy mood. I had got myself a password for remote access to journals at my uni, only to find that precisely none of the recommened journal articles for my essay where to be found there, plus the lecturer didn't even used standard abbreviations so it was "guess the name of the obscure and probably german egyptology journal" time. GRRRRR.... On the brighter side, Google Scholar (currently beta-ing) is manna from heaven and has left me with a squillion (slight exaggeration) journal references for my dissertation, which is certainly not about "new kingdom maritime trade".

Oh and I'm still floating.
  • omg ew essay

    you meant i got the password for nothing!
    notice how i haven't looked at it yet.
    i forgot mine but i borrowed jo from latin's. but haven't used it yet.
    got to do essay. must read books.
    oh wait it's new years eve. must take shower. must go have fun.
    love tazXXXXXXXXX
    • Re: omg ew essay

      Strangely, my dad was not reassured by that.

      Ok, you have to go find the journals online. Google Scholar is very good for this. A lot of the e-journals only go back five years or so (grrr....). You can't get JARCE online. And the git who stands in front of us every week doesn't always say what the abbrevs in the reading list mean. Sometimes you have to hhunt for somewhere to stick the athens password in as the journal sites are rather keener on trying to get you to pay $28 for the bloody article.


      You're not allowed to have fun, I'm not having fun.
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