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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Authority And Wildstorm Fiction

Authority And Wildstorm Fiction

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hugh house

Authority Fan Fiction

Listed oldest to most recent.
Movie Night
Apollo and The Midnighter settle on a quiet night in on the carrier, only to have some problems with a DVD and some unbelievable imposters

The Ones You Love is about as different from Movie Night as you can get. Really. It's the obligatory "Midnighter origin story" crossed with the obligatory "Midnighter's AIDS refernece explanation story", but probably a bit better than that sounds. And also rather mindfucky.

Tiny little commentpornfic:
So Different From His Normal BrandApollo/Midnighter/Jeroen NC17, written to match vejiicakes's fanart

And also a bit of a fic-orphan:
Untitled Apollo and The Midnighter Fragment
How to use fight enhancements to analyse your breakfast

Who-Torchwood crossover thing Death Is Just A Dream: somewhere betwen heaven and hell - Cardif 2006
Jack Harkness-centric gen with Jack trying to figure out what Jenny Sparks was trying to tell him on the other side. c6500 words

Bob Ross
Short silly Apollo fic.

Wondering Who These Chaps Are?

May I recommend for you information and edification:

rhyo's Splendiferous Guide To Apollo And The Midnighter, the world's finest slash pairing.

Like It Or Not minervasolo's amazing fansite. Now available from wayback machine/archive.org: c. 2007

And to see the whole Apollo/Midnighter thing done a heck of a lot better try The Apollo And The Midnighter Slash List or theauthority, which is full of friendly people willing to answer questions and offer critique.

The Authority were created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch and are owned by Wildstorm, who are owned by DC, who are owned by Time-Warner, who have a big legal department and scare me.

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