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The Little-b Fanfiction Index

This is all b wrote. Thus far, at least, every fandom all in one handy place, for your delectation and delight.

So just pick a fandom, any fandom.

I get a ykw, and this happens. Some of this stuff is externally linked at the moment, but the aim is to get it all on LJ format eventually. And get on with some serious b-ficage while I'm at it.

This is in leiu of me getting a website, because writing one seems such hard work. But then, this was bloody hard work too. I should be spending my first day amongst the lj elite sipping cocktails and playing with icons, not trying to index everything I've ever written.

click here for X-men goodness

clicky here for Authority ass-kicking

Click here if you'd like to peruse some fiction, thank you kindly

I also do recs, but only for Due South, thus far: This way for more Due South fic, aranged by category

Other places I'm archived (for the bloody curious):
Pryde And Wisdom

Fur & Brimstone
Boy, do I miss this one.

Ye olde profile page

Some others.

Here is fic, some of it is slash, some of it is not. Use your intelligence, if you don't like the idea of boykissage (and boygropage and boydraggingeachotherintobedage), keep out of the slash bits and stick tothe nice gen-ish bits. I'm yet to still ratings on these pages, but there are ratings on some of the individual stories. Yes, this is all a terrible fudge.

All things ficced belong to their respective owners, all I am doing is playing and nobody's paying me.
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