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Tell me again, why do I need one of these things?

Smaller On The Outside

buzzy is trying to pull herself together. This might take some time. Her current favourite marvel comics guys are Quentin Quire and Iron Fist. Yes, I like them seriously fucked up.


buzzy little b would be a busy little b if it wasn't too much hard work.

buzzy works in the "heritage sector" as a volunteer museum educator (and more often than not volunteer museum admin assistant and volunteer custodian). Volunteer is the key word here, the museum is barely self-funding, the building is decrepit and the locals are apathetic. Out-of-summer-season, buzzy's role morphs into volunteer archaeological admin assistant. Life On Mars: Archaeology Edition.

buzzy little b is an enthusiastic person: local history, not-so-local archaeology, cross-stitch, fangirling, hats, cake as a lifestyle choice.

buzzy little b was a fan-fiction writer but is on (almost) permanent hiatus. If you have read "The Wonderboys" by Michael Chabon, you will know. If you haven't read it. buzzy suggests you do. Her personal "wonderboys" was called On The Inside I'm A Poet and always referred to as Poet. There are 60,000 words of it and then the plot threads collapsed and buried buzzy alive.

What buzzy little b actually does is a subject of debate. buzzy little b still lives with her parents and has a lovely medical condition that has put any idea of a career on hold... if buzzy ever had any career idea. She has a university/college degree in a pointless subject at a russell group university (americadians, read ivy league) and no clue what she wants to do next except she'd rather avoid retail (she tried, fail) and the service industry (she tried, epic fail) and not go back to factory work (two summers = less student debt, heatstroke fail).

--- buzzy is still trying to update this ---

Almost everything includes: local history, needle craft, tele-fantasy, fan-fiction, geek tragedy and a long list of other things. [see likes-list]

She is a fan-fiction person but isn't writing anything readable. If you've read "Wonderboys" by Mike Chabon, you will know what we are talking about. She did, however, write one fan-fiction novel, Episodic Romance, which is either good or unreadable - your milage might vary. Her primary fandom is Due South, but she is mostly polyfannish, just not anybody else's polyfannish. Old School Who, select New School Who, Claremont-era X-men, and strange 60s television shows. She also likes Canadian Content, Hawkwind and Hugh Dillon's mascara. Edit: she has found her comics ya-ya-s and is reading comics a bit (trades - very discriminating) and her new/current favourite x-person is Quentin Quire. He is currently turning up in my posts a lot. It is thely place he isn't an Unwelcome Visitor.

She firmly believes that Roger Delgardo is the Master.

Buzzy volunteers in the "heritage sector" as a "museum educator" and sometimes works with children. The rest of the time, Buzzy is an admin assistant and works with veteran archaeologists. She works, in effect, in 1973 when girls made coffee and did (a lot of) typing. Think of Life On Mars with Archaeologists.

Buzzy's journal has a small cast of interesting real people. These include bbd (Big Bad Daddy - the name says it all), the Mummy Frog (family history obsessed) and the Dosk (my younger brother who knows everything you didn't want to know about Daleks). Other irregular regulars include best friend, Spooky, and Our Noble Leader (explained elsewhere).

She lives at home, sharing her room with her (substantial) collection of American comics and cross-stitch stockpile. It's getting a little cramped in there.

Buzzy really likes cross stitch.

Buzzy really really likes cross stitch. Expect "Show and Tell" posts. She also cross-stitched her own live-journal header.

She has a love of the strange, the obscure and the plain odd. She also tours archaeological sites on holidays and has fallen off a wide range of historic monuments. She is not well balanced in any sense of the word. She also really likes baklava.

action figures, agents of atlas, agents of shield, alan davis, alan moore, alpha flight, alternate universes, apollo and the midnighter, archaeology, baklava, bamf, being deeply weird, benton fraser, black holes and revelations, bones - archaeological kind, bruce mcdonald, cacti, canada, captain britain, chris claremont, comics, confusing people, cookie monster, creative writing, cross-stitch, cute furry monsters, daleks, dangermouse, devlin waugh, discworld, disturbed and disturbing, doctor who, douglas adams, due south, elijah snow, embroidery, emma frost, emma peel, emmas in catsuits, excalibur, fan fiction, fanfic, firefly, flanders and swann, fortean phenomena, fraser/ray k, freddy mercury, fuzzy blue elf, gabriel garcía márquez, geek, geek tragedy, ghost boxes, goodies, hard core cross stitch, hard core logo, hawkwind, historiography, holy socks, hugh dillon, iceman/northstar, jasmine tea, jean-paul beaubier, jenny sparks, jerry cornelius, john steed, joss whedon, kitten kong, kitty pryde, kurt wagner, kurt/logan, libraries, life on mars, low level shelving, madrox the multiple man, marvel comics, midnighter, moonlight, moorcock, mountie slayer, multiverse, muppets, neil gaiman, new mutants, nightcrawler, northstar, octopus, on_the_inside_i'm_a_poet, parallel realities, patrick mcgoohan, pete wisdom, planetary, podfic, pratchett, professor hira, psychic sentinels, quentin quire, rachel summers, ray kowalski, reality altering migraines, retro futurism, rivers of london, round the horne, sandman, sarcasm, shadowcat, slash, sliding albion, spider jerusalem, strange_itc_shows_from_the_60s, tardis, televisual geeks, terry pratchett, the authority, the avengers, the drummer, the prisoner, transmetropolitan, uncanny x-men, vampire_keeping_for_fun_and_ profit, vampires as pets, warren ellis, wearing silly hats, wolverine, x-men